Generic head injury: a tumor, subcutaneous hematoma

NewbornMany are frightened of is the word "tumor", although to cancer it is, of course, does not use. Just a place that was establish before a newborn, that is, paved a technique out at the time of supply (or temechko zatylochek, and occasionally - skin, forehead, buttocks), tissues are swollen due to stagnation of blood and lymph.This was caused by the congestion that is experiencing child in a birth canal, and secondly, the pressure difference between a inside of a uterus and in the environment. Because of this differential burst blood vessels, hemorrhage occur in a subcutaneous tissue and skin.Often there is formation of bubbles a size of a pea, filled with clear fluid. It looks really somewhat frightening, but in this case, the mom's fear has big eyes.Edema subsides speedily, swelling resolves. For a second, a maximum - a 3-rd time of skin in this space is leveled without a therapy, and a purple-blue bruises fade, turn yellow and disappear on the own by a end of a 1-st start of the second week.However, there are exceptions to a safe scenario. Subcutaneous hematoma may increase in infants who are prone to bleeding. It is programmed in genes, or associated with increased vascular permeability, deficiency of vitamin K, C, P, and other substances required for blood coagulation.There can not do without medication! Child input hemostatic substance (vitamins, calcium chloride), and may be connected antibiotics. Of the all a blood - a fine breeding ground for bacteria.Hematomas tend to fester, and It is possible to not allow this! Much helpful in a time breastfeed - my mum's milk reduces the risk of complications.Mums. Alike posts:Child care. Finger gyms. The development of nice motor skillsChildMothers. Dining nursing mumsChildChild. Child MassageBaby.

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