Maintenance of a child. Struggling with engorgement

NewbornIf stagnation (lactostasis) still had a require to ensure a most effective drainage of milk with a portion of the natural, where congestion was formed. This is achieved in such attachment to the breast in which the lower jaw of a child account for the stagnation.It was there, where he works the lower jaw kid is the strongest outflow of milk. For example, when there is congestion in the upper chest (if you imagine a clock in his chest, in the region of 12 hours), It is possible to lie down on the side of a chest matter and put a newborn jack - however that his feet were sent to the head of my mother. If demand be, under a head or whole body baby may put a cushion.In other cases, apply a basic posture, adjusting them so that a lower jaw (or, if not, at least the top) is so close to a point of stagnation. Enclosing more or less under a pillows of variant sizes toddler, keeping it more vertically or horizontally, you can change the relative position of the gums chest.  Baby. Like Child.articles:Leaving of a newborn. Monthly of the birth through natural-feedingBabyService of a baby. ChickenpoxNewbornMaintenance of a child. Vitamins for childrenChild.

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